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Stand Up Owls and Penguins

Winter Christmas Theme for Homes | Longacres Garden Centre

For most people, Christmas should be colourful. Decorations should come in various vibrant shades—from the Christmas baubles, to the presents and the table settings. A white Christmas is simply not an option.

On the contrary, white Christmases are just as fun as the coloured ones. Some homeowners looking for chic and classic festivities place their faith in white—because a winter wonderland is the best theme for their home.

Plan Ahead for Christmas

An all-white Christmas theme does not come out of nothing. It is essential that you plan everything first to assure perfect execution. First, envision what you want to see in your winter wonderland. Also, know the rooms and areas you will be decorating; this gives you an estimate on your budget and timeframe.

Remember to set your budget before shopping for ornaments. A budget keeps you from impulse purchases and encourages you to focus on what you need.

Decorating your home can be time-consuming; set a schedule and make sure you follow it.

Let’s Talk about the Tree

Of course, Christmas trees are the piece de resistance of every winter wonderland. All you need is to buy an artificial Christmas tree and you are ready to go. Trees are available in their conventional green colour, as well as whiter shades to mimic the snow.

With a white Christmas tree, your job is almost done. You only need to add some highlights or flocking to accentuate the beauty of the tree. For green pre lit Christmas trees, get creative and add some fake snow and ice for that winter effect. Remember, all of your decorations should be white or transparent. Try adding some see-through crystal to mimic icicles or frosted snow.

Unleash your creativity as you decorate your home in white. For a successful white Christmas, do not forget about the basics—especially the tree. Longacres Garden Centre offers quality pre-lit Christmas trees in UK. Browse through our selection now and have a happy white Christmas!

Christmas Baubles on Tree

Top Christmas Decorating Trends for 2015 | Longacres Garden Centre

The Christmas season is fast approaching. For many people, putting up decorations is a perfect way to make the days more fun and memorable. After all, it feels amazing to pass houses all decked out with stunning lights, ornaments and colourful garlands.

Every year, the question for many of us is, ‘what is new’? 2015 is no exception. If you are planning your decorations early, it only makes sense to know what to include. To get your home ready, we have listed the top Christmas decoration trends that you should watch out for this year.

Artificial and Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Every year the Christmas tree is the centrepiece for decorating your home. For some, an artificial Christmas tree is the best way of decorating. With a bit of creativity, you can turn a plain tree into a wonderful focal point.

For others a pre-lit Christmas tree is a great way to create interest. This is ideal if you prefer the quicker process of decorating. Pre-lit Christmas trees are safe and reliable, designed to keep unsightly wires hidden and provide optimal lighting.

Lemax Collectibles

The Lemax collection has been around for many years, but it continues to charm shoppers year after year. To bring the spirit of festivity and add pops of colour to your home, you may want to decorate with Lemax figurines and accessories, such as snowmen, Santa and sledging children.

Another lovely way to decorate your living room is to add some highly-detailed Lemax attractions such as taverns, carousels and funfair rides. These charming ornaments will make you feel the warmth and happiness of the Christmas festivities.

Bring joy to your home with our extensive selection of Lemax products and Christmas trees. Longacres Garden Centre is committed to bringing you only the finest options when it comes to decorations. Visit us today to begin your Christmas shopping.

The Arrival of Autumn Brings Colour

Due to a long warm summer, many are predicting a symphony of colour in autumn. There are a whole host of trees and shrubs that will compliment your garden and give colour that will not disappoint, you do not have to opt for eventual large giants, and there are some really lovely small compact trees and shrubs that will give just as much during autumn.

So here are a few for you to consider if you’re yearning to light up your garden with a spectacular autumn display:

Acer palmatum ‘osakazuki’
This is one of the best Japanese maples for autumn colour, it’s an elegant plant with leaves that turn bright scarlet in autumn. It will make an ideal small tree for border planting and will also do well in a container. Its rate of growth is moderate and will do best in a sheltered spot, out of strong winds. This is an ideal specimen for a small garden.

Red Oak LeavesQuercus rubra
Quercus is a large and vigorous oak tree, giving rich scarlet autumn colour and on acid soil the leaves will turn bright fiery red. It does require full sun and a well-drained soil site, and of course a rather large garden! Your soil pH will determine how good the autumn colour will be, so you will see better results in an acid soil.

Liquidamber styraciflua ‘festival’
The Liquidamber will give you one of the finest displays of autumn colour, during spring and summer the leaves are bright green before turning to burgundy red in autumn. Eventually it will grow into a large tree (4-5 metres) and will do full sun to dappled shade.
For the best autumn colour results this does better in acid soil or lime free soil.

Euonymous alatas
This is a compact spreading deciduous small shrub. The leaves turn a magnificent red in autumn. Trust me, the autumn colour that this shrub displays will not disappoint. It shows small green flowers in early spring followed by red, purple fruits. It gives something every season. A real autumn must have.

Prunus Amanogara – Japanese flowering cherryPrunus
This narrow and upright tree works well as an ornamental tree in all gardens, but particularly useful in a small garden. It will reach an eventual height of 5 metres over 20 years. It displays beautiful pale pink flowers over the entire tree in spring and the mid green foliage will turn red to orange in winter. It will do well in any soil condition provided it is free draining.

Callicarpa bondineri
The bondineri is medium sized deciduous shrub of an upright habit. Its leaves will turn a rosy pink in autumn, but the real beauty with this shrub is its berries, these are lilac, bordering purple on bare wood which is a real eye catcher. This will do full sun to partial shade and is the leaves will turn bright fiery red. It does require full sun and a well-drained soil site, and of course a rather large garden! Your soil pH will determine how good the autumn colour will be, so you will see better results in an acid soil.

This Longacres blog post was contributed by Jo from our plants department

Bring Artificial Trees to Life with ScentSicles


**This weekend (Sat 29th/Sun 30th November) The ScentSicles lumberjack is on a special mission at Longacres to ask our customers to take the “Can you tell the difference?” blindfolded sniff test!**

Artificial Christmas Trees make a delightful addition to homes at Christmas time; the way they look, the way they feel, the fact that they don’t make a mess and some even come with added berries/snow/pine cones for more authenticity. The only thing they lack is that wonderful natural scent of that real Christmas trees emit, and this is where ScentSicles have revolutionized Artificial Christmas Trees.

What are they?
ScentSicles are scented hanging ornaments that come in a variety of four different scents: Christmas Time Spruce, White Winter Fir, Snow Berry Wreath and Two Dashes of Cinnamon. Easy to hide within trees, garlands, wreaths or other décor, ScentSicles provide a discreet way of infusing a festive fragrance throughout homes. Perfect for you’re own home or even as party gifts or stocking fillers!

How do they work?
ScentSicles are sticks that have been made from tightly rolled (all-natural) biodegradable paper. Layer by layer, the scent slowly climbs to the surface, constantly exuding the fragrance until there is no more (after roughly 30 days). Each tube comes with 6 sticks. It is recommended that 3 or 4 are put on a Christmas tree at a time, but it would certainly be worth starting with one and adding more as necessary.

Which variety should I get?
You might be looking for a truly genuine smell of a Christmas tree, in which case White Winter Fir or Christmas Time Spruce will be the scents for you.
Alternatively, Two Dashes of Cinnamon or Snow Berry Wreath will be more up your street for those of you wanting a sweeter scent that still radiates those classic festive aromas.

Whether you take our word for it or need to smell it to believe it, at a great price of just £5.99 per tube ScentSicles are sure to sell quickly – so be sure to not miss out! Available both in store and online at Longacres.

ScentSicles Info Flyer