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Lemax Twas The Night Before Christmas

It’s Possible! Christmas Decorating on a Budget | Longacres Garden Centre

When decorating your home for Christmas, you don’t need to spend a fortune to bring in the festive atmosphere indoors. All you need are a few clever tricks to spruce up your house and get it ready for the most-awaited holiday of the year.

Recycle Ornaments

You don’t need to replace all your decorations every year to have stunning trimmings for the occasion. You can give new life to your old ornaments by using or repurposing them. For example you can add natural seasonal items such as holly to bring them back to life.

Purchase Decors Online

If you don’t want to repurpose old ornaments, you can buy affordable Christmas decorations online.  It is easy to find festive ornaments like Lemax Christmas Village Collection to bring in the spirit of holiday season in your home. The best part is, you can find the right decor that suits your budget. You can purchase a small Lemax Christmas house or choose a larger scene for your home.

Get Inspiration from Nature

Walk around in your village or neighborhood to get inspiration. You’d be surprised at how many natural decorations you can take home with you. You can make your own Christmas tree garlands from fresh evergreens, although this may require time and art skills. You can also mix your DIY efforts with new ones to have thrifty ornaments you can be proud of.

Go to Flea Markets

Visit thrift shops and flea markets to find fabulous ornaments. You can also get plenty of inspiration for your Christmas décor here.

Browse through our website today and find out how we can help you find great deals on Christmas trees and Lemax ornaments.

Christmas has arrived at Longacres!

Stand Up Owls and PenguinsStand Up SantasJingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!  Okay, we know it’s only October but our huge range of Christmas decorations and lights has arrived and here at Longacres we’re already getting into the festive spirit.

A good way to get little ones to be on their best behaviour from the 1st of December until Christmas Day is to start with the Advent Calendar.  As well as tempting chocolate ones (yummy…chocolate for breakfast!), we also have wooden and material ones with pockets or drawers that you can fill with small treats.

Advent Calendars

Of course, one of the main things we think about at Christmas is the tree.  Many of us love the smell of a real Christmas tree and enjoy picking that special one out as the centrepiece for our home.  Here at Longacres our potted Christmas trees will be available from 12th November, and our cut Christmas trees will be available from 26th November.  So if you’re keen to reserve your one now, we have a fabulous offer for you:

Order your real Christmas tree online by midnight on 22nd November and get a sparkling 10% off its price!

You can then choose to have your tree delivered (£5 charge, local area only) or simply pop in to collect it when convenient using our Click and Collect service.  Click here to view the range.

Artificial Christmas Trees

We also have a large range of artificial trees and artificial pre-lit trees in stock now to suit all budgets, from our mini 25cm tree – ideal to brighten up your desk – through to stunning 10′ tall firs and pines. You don’t even have to worry about missing that ‘real Christmas tree smell’.  ScentSicles hanging ornaments come in a range of natural fragrances to give your home that real tree aroma.


Wicker Tree StandsNot everyone likes the look of a plain tree stand, so if you prefer to hide yours from view, we offer a Woven Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt for £11.99. It will cover stands from 21″ at the base to 16.5″ at the top.  You can use the skirt for both artificial and real trees up to 7′ tall.

Of course, once you have decided on the tree, you need to choose your decorations.  Whether you go for specific colour schemes, traditional ornaments or prefer a modern twist, we have a wide variety of decorations to suit your style and individuality.  Personalised decorations make a lovely gift at Christmas time and children especially love to see a fairy or snowman with their name on it.

Tree DecorationsWe also carry a large range of battery operated LED lights.  These can be used indoors or out and each comes with a timer (6 hours on/18 hours off).  No more tripping over lead wires or hunting for a spare plug socket in your garage.  LED lights are low energy so one set of batteries can last up to 60 days use!

Battery-Operated LED Lights

As it’s quite expensive to visit Santa at the North Pole, you might like to create your very own Christmas village.  Lemax, the miniature experts, have a wide range of buildings and characters for you to explore and enjoy, including a collection of new designs especially for 2015.  Music and lights bring your village to life; from circus acrobats swinging on the trapeze to Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet with dainty dancers spinning around.  Whether you are just starting out , expanding your village collection, or seeking that special gift, we are sure you will be captivated by the range of models and characters available from Lemax. View the Lemax Christmas Village online range here.

Lemax Christmas Village

From wreaths to a stand up Santa, wrapping paper to candles – whatever you are looking for this Christmas, come down to see us at Longacres and add a little sparkle to your festive fun.  Ho, ho, ho!

Christmas Baubles on Tree

Top Christmas Decorating Trends for 2015 | Longacres Garden Centre

The Christmas season is fast approaching. For many people, putting up decorations is a perfect way to make the days more fun and memorable. After all, it feels amazing to pass houses all decked out with stunning lights, ornaments and colourful garlands.

Every year, the question for many of us is, ‘what is new’? 2015 is no exception. If you are planning your decorations early, it only makes sense to know what to include. To get your home ready, we have listed the top Christmas decoration trends that you should watch out for this year.

Artificial and Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Every year the Christmas tree is the centrepiece for decorating your home. For some, an artificial Christmas tree is the best way of decorating. With a bit of creativity, you can turn a plain tree into a wonderful focal point.

For others a pre-lit Christmas tree is a great way to create interest. This is ideal if you prefer the quicker process of decorating. Pre-lit Christmas trees are safe and reliable, designed to keep unsightly wires hidden and provide optimal lighting.

Lemax Collectibles

The Lemax collection has been around for many years, but it continues to charm shoppers year after year. To bring the spirit of festivity and add pops of colour to your home, you may want to decorate with Lemax figurines and accessories, such as snowmen, Santa and sledging children.

Another lovely way to decorate your living room is to add some highly-detailed Lemax attractions such as taverns, carousels and funfair rides. These charming ornaments will make you feel the warmth and happiness of the Christmas festivities.

Bring joy to your home with our extensive selection of Lemax products and Christmas trees. Longacres Garden Centre is committed to bringing you only the finest options when it comes to decorations. Visit us today to begin your Christmas shopping.

Lemax Twas The Night Before Christmas

New Lemax Products for 2015 | Longacres Garden Centre

Lemax is a popular way to decorate your home for Christmas with traditional style buildings and characters. Our Lemax products prove to be best sellers year after year and we are pleased to add to our collection for 2015.

The Station Dining Car

This tram carriage has been converted into a dining car. It has a typical festive scene including holly, wreaths and a Christmas Tree complete with presents underneath. The Station Dining Car is battery operated with LED lights.

Christmas at the McCleary Estate

Add to your collection with this stunning home complete with a snowman, children sledging and festive garlands. The McCleary Estate is also battery operated and features LED lights.

Lemax continue to offer high quality products with these two new products and, as expected, are made from porcelain. We are delighted to expand our Lemax offering, available online now. Longacres are committed to helping you decorate your home beautifully over the festive period. Our other Christmas ranges are available online now and include artificial and pre-lit Christmas Trees.

Lemax Twas The Night Before Christmas

Be Prepared Get Ready for Christmas Early | Longacres Garden Centre

Ho Ho Ho Only 21 Fridays to Go!

We may be in the midst of a very changeable British Summer but did you know that there are only 21 Fridays left until Christmas! With the help of Longacres Garden Centre you can be organised for the festive period well in advance and get ahead of the game.

Our full range of eagerly anticipated festive products will be available to purchase online from August. This will include our ever popular range of beautiful items to create your own Lemax Christmas Village as well as artificial and pre lit Christmas trees.

Keep checking our blog as we will be updating regularly to let you know about all our Christmas ranges in store and online. We will also be giving exciting information about our popular Santa’s Grotto opening dates and times.

At Longacres we are committed to providing the best quality products at competitive prices and currently have some amazing offers on festive products available online.

Lemax Christmas Village

Building the Perfect Lemax Christmas Village | Longacres

There are some people who treasure their Lemax Christmas villages more than anything else in the world, and their collections can grow to massive and unbelievable proportions. Some of them can become a part of the record books, while others become local attractions and annual traditions in their towns and homes.

These collections take years of planning; from what goes in the village to plotting where each building goes. Some people may think about creating their own Christmas village but when it comes to it are not sure how and where to start, here at Longacres we will help get you started.

Start Small

Don’t worry about having to invest in a pricey centrepiece to kick start your collection. It can be a common misconception that to build a town you need to get the centrepiece and work outwards.

The best way to build a Christmas village is to focus on the more affordable items first;  for example small houses and cottages. Larger buildings sometimes need more components to achieve that Christmas look, with the addition of villagers, carol singers and lamp posts. However with a few smaller buildings and the addition of some cotton wool you can make a festive village quickly and inexpensively.

Creating A Village

Lemax give you the opportunity to expand the village in years to come which is something most collectors want to do. Buying small pieces first gives you great flexibility and creativity when adding larger items to your collection. A single larger piece can act as a visual anchor as your collection grows.

To get more buildings for your own Christmas village, contact us today. Here at Longacres, we can help brighten up your Christmas décor with the Lemax Christmas Village items. Our teams are always ready to give customers advice on anything, especially on building Christmas villages.

Christmas Tree Branch with Snow

Your Cyber Monday Choice: Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?

The holiday season is all about giving and sharing. It is now about making the most of great deals as well. We are not just talking about January Sales; this year, we are celebrating Cyber Monday as well!

Cyber Monday

At Longacres Garden Centre, we offer great deals on the most iconic decoration every household must have: Christmas trees. We feature only the best real and artificial trees, meaning we have a tree to suit every home. What makes this festive season even more special is that for the first time, we are offering Cyber Monday deals! You can now purchase among our selection of Lemax products, Christmas trees, and all lights and decorations for a full 24 hours on Monday December 1st.

As Christmas is just around the corner, you can benefit from the discounts we have on all our tree ranges, be it the real thing or the artificial kind. The problem is, some people are not sure which tree to buy. After all, there are great reasons behind both!

Real or Artificial?

Artificial trees have become a more feasible choice in the eyes of many. The first artificial tree came around during the 1800s in Germany. It is assumed that the prevailing economic condition of the time contributed to this development. What has become clear is that the latest generations of artificial Christmas trees are so similar to the real thing, it has become difficult to spot the difference.

There are many people, however, who point out that the similarities end there. It has been the tradition of many households in the UK and around the world to buy a real tree and decorate it with their favourite decorations. The Christmas spirit, for them, will always have to feature the tree that comes complete with the scent only the real thing can offer. Artificial trees have a new weapon in this area now though – an amazing new product which makes your artificial tree even more realistic – Scentsicles.

This December 1, enjoy 15% off Lemax ranges, real and artificial Christmas trees, and all lights and decorations including acrylics. Grab that amazing opportunity this Cyber Monday only at Longacres Garden Centre.

Visit the one-stop online shop for all your gardening needs, from plant seeds to gardening tools and accessories.