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Time to carve some pumpkins!

real-pumpkinIt’s nearly Halloween Littleacres and that means only one thing! Time to get your Pumpkins and make some crazy scary faces! Just follow the steps I have put below and hey presto, your completed work of art! I would love to see all of the Pumpkins you make so please could you send me a photo of your completed Pumpkin and I will select a few and place them up on our blog for everyone to see just how talented you all are.
We have some awesome Pumpkins in stock here at Longacres so if you get stuck for one, we’ve got plenty.

Now, let’s begin to have some fun!

Step 1 – Select your Pumpkin and give it a quick wipe over with a damp cloth just to remove surface dirt.
Step 2 – Ask an adult to cut the top off of your Pumpkin – Do Not try this on your own as knives are very sharp. Once the top has been cut off, this will be the lid so keep it to hand.
Step 3 – This is the messy stage where we are going to remove the contents in the middle of your Pumpkin. For this, you will need a big spoon and a bowl. Simply scoop the insides of the Pumpkin out making sure you place the contents into the bowl. Before you throw this bit away, get the tiny seeds from it and lay them out on a dry cloth in a warm room to dry out. Then, when they’re all dry, place them in a safe place as next year, you can grow your very own Pumpkin!
Step 4 – It’s time to carve your scary face! Taking a piece of paper and a pencil, draw a sketch of what your scary face is going to look like. Next, you will need to draw the scary face that you have designed, on to your Pumpkin. By doing this, you will see how it looks before you cut away at your Pumpkin.
Step 5 – You will need Adult Supervision for doing this bit as we don’t want any of you fantastic artists getting hurt! Carefully, your Adult helper will now carve out the face on your Pumpkin. I can’t wait to see all of your completed Pumpkins!
Step 6 – Take a photograph and sent it in to me please. Just email your picture to plantsonline@longacres.co.uk and mark them for the attention of Gertie the Gardener.
I hope that you all enjoy your Halloween. Remember that if you’re going out Trick or Treating, then please take a responsible adult out with you but keep your eye on them, they may try and steal your treats!
Best wishes
Gertie the Gardener

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Listening to our local radio station yesterday, someone was saying that they start playing their Christmas music in October.   Whilst we’re not quite so early here at Longacres, we thought it worth mentioning – for those of you who like to get into the Christmas spirit early – that we have a range of artificial Christmas trees ready for you to pick up and decorate.


Our range starts from just £29 for a 4 foot Green Arctic Spruce, ranging up to £399 for a 7 foot pre-lit Lake Shore Blue Spruce.  Our stock is from Tree Classics and Kaemingk and if you add some ScentSicles hanging ornaments in a range of natural fragrances, we bet your friends will think they are real trees!  Adding a Wicker Tree Skirt makes you artificial tree look even better.

Our smallest trees start at just 60cm and are a snip at £4.49.  They are great for a table centrepiece.  We also have pre-lit ones to make your table sparkle that little bit more for your Christmas dinner.


Limited space to put a tree and only that one corner of the lounge that it could fit into?  No worries!  Tree Classics present the Green Pencil (needs no sharpening).  This stunning 6ft tree is so slim, we’re sure it would fit into even the tiniest of spaces.

There is also a good selection of artificial garlands and wreaths already in store.  Artificial garlands are ideal for decorating a myriad of furniture from bookcases to mirrors without the mess of pine needles ending up stuck in your sofa or embedded in your carpet!  Our artificial wreaths look lovely on their own, but did you know you can also use them as a base to add some real holly too for that extra special look?  Some even have LED lights included!


If you want to keep the children occupied for a while, you might like to consider a Lego Advent Calendar.  There is a choice of Lego City, Friends or Star Wars in stock now.

We also have a range of house and tree lights and animated figures, as well as the ever popular Lemax Christmas Village collection.  Keep an eye out in store for the full range of Christmas decorations and accessories coming soon.

If this is a tad early for you to be thinking about Christmas, don’t forget we have a huge range of Halloween items on offer in store at the moment. Even Santa likes a pumpkin you know!

Tastings and Demonstrations by The Green Olive Firewood Company Saturday 1st November|Longacres Bagshot

Roasting Marshmallows

We are thrilled to welcome The Green Olive Firewood Company through our doors this Saturday (1st November) to host a series of demonstrations and tastings to show how their range of Firewoods can add fun and ambience to your Halloween and Bonfire parties.

Between 10am and 4:30pm, The Green Olive Firewood Company will be featuring a range of products including:

  • Swedish Torches (see video below)
  • Olive Wood Chunks and Logs (see video below)
  • Seasoned Hardwood
  • Organic Fire Lighters
  • Chimeneas
  • Fire Pits/Bowls
  • Weber Kettle BBQs
  • Using a range of Gardecco Cooking Tools, there will also be demonstrations on how to cook popcorn, roasted chestnuts and waffles on their Chimeneas and Firepits. If that isn’t enough to get your taste buds going – they will also be showing how to cook tasty sausages over Olive Wood to achieve a true authentic Mediterranean taste!

    It’s free to attend the demonstrations and there will be offers on all of the products featured; so grab yourself a bargain and we look forward to seeing you here!

Christmas Tree Decoration

Lawn Decorations for the Seasonal Period| Longacres Garden Centre

With Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, home-owners will soon be using their gardens to show off their flair for decoration around these key events in the year. Here are some essential tips for lawn decoration to help you keep in the spirit of these occasions:

Whether it is in the form of bright, fancy lights flashing all over the house or if it is creepy carved-out pumpkin lanterns, proper lighting can make sure your home keeps the festive spirit alive.

Make it a point, though, to examine all your electrical outlets before setting up your lights to avoid electrical problems.

As well as creating a visual showcase, sound can also be added into a seasonal display. Christmas carols and sleigh bells could enhance a Christmas garden. For Halloween haunted house sound effects and doorbells can create an eerie atmosphere.

Decorated Entrances
It is all about creating a warm or spooky welcome. Inject a festive atmosphere to your home by making your entrance a grand statement. Inject some atmosphere and a Christmas spirit with reindeer and a Father Christmas. Or for Halloween spiders, ghosts and ghouls can create a frightful night.

And why stop at doorways when there are so may ways to decorate plants and trees in your garden?

Christmas Village
What better way to create your own festive atmosphere than by setting up your own Christmas village? Create your Christmas centre piece with attractive buildings and figures from the renowned Lemax Village Collection.  At Longacres we offer some of the finest decorations to ensure a creative and fun Christmas.

Longacres Garden Centre is the one-stop shop for all of your gardening supply needs. We offer these items at reasonable prices. Contact us today and let our specialists answer all your queries.