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Steaks on a barbecue

What Every British Barbecue Party Needs

Summer is right around the corner and the weather is warming up. Nothing defines the summer season better than beach escapades, cold drinks and a barbecue with friends.
Barbecue parties are one of the best ways to welcome summer bliss. After all, the delectable scent of grilled meat completes the essence of the season. You get to enjoy delicious barbecue while you chatter with your buds or play some outdoor games.

Barbecues are a great way to celebrate the season. Proper planning plays a pivotal role in successful parties. To enjoy an ace of a party, make sure you have the following essentials:

The right equipment

How can you cook the barbecue without the necessary equipment? You can spend as much as you want on grillers and charcoal, but one should restrain oneself from spending hundreds of quid for your first party. Cheaper models work just as well as the expensive ones.
Decide which equipment suits your need. Will you be holding another party or is this your first and last barbecue? Will you need a deluxe multi burner or kettle barbecues? Make sure you have the right equipment before throwing your bash.

The right accessories

A griller is not enough; you’ll need other accessories to complete your grilling party. Complete your barbecue inventory with the following:

Gas canisters
Cooking tools (tongs, grill brushes, skewers, spatulas, branding irons)
Plates and other flatware

The right food

Your shopping list should be complete with the food essentials. Barbecues are not always about spare ribs, burgers and sausages. Other options are available, especially for your health-conscious guests. Fish, chicken and vegetables make delicious barbecues; just experiment with different coatings and marinades. Also, shop for salad, corn on the cob and dips.

The right decoration

Emphasise the summer season by decorating your home for the party. Select a theme for your party; go Hawaiian or use popular culture for your themes. Search your local party shop for cheap and fun decorations. Welcome the summer heat with a party. Barbecue parties are one of the best ways to enjoy summer bliss. Longacres offers the essentials for a successful barbecue party with your mates. Browse through our selection and call us now.

Burgers on a gas barbecue

A Quick Safety Guide on BBQ Use | Longacres

Practice leads to familiarity, and familiarity can lead to carelessness. It doesn’t matter how long you have been grilling — no one can let their guard down when cooking on a barbecue. The one time you get careless is always the time when something unfortunate happens, and you end up in A&E.

There are some things we should never take lightly; playing with fire is right at the top of the list. Most people understand that, but also have a tendency to be forgetful at the barbecue. We always stress safety when customers use our products; here is a quick refresher on barbecue safety.

Throwing Petrol on Grills

Never throw or pour petrol on a flame, open or otherwise. This is extremely dangerous and should never be used at any time, even smouldering coals can ignite when doused with an accelerant, making petrol off limits at any time even during the prep stage.

Keep Your Distance

It may be more convenient to keep the grill closer to the house during a barbecue because of the many trips to the kitchen, but this is a bad idea. Always ensure the barbecue is as far away from anything in the home or garden furniture as much as possible.

Maintenance and Grease Checks

Regular cleaning is essential, especially for owners who regularly use their barbecues. This is because every time meat cooks, it produces grease that is highly flammable in large amounts. A barbecue grill covered in grease is an accident waiting to happen, when you least expect it. Proper maintenance ensures that the grill lasts longer and serves more barbecue parties.

Barbecues are fun to have and become the centrepiece of any outdoor party, but only if owners use them responsibly. For more information regarding how to use grills or BBQ accessories, contact us today.

Barbecue like a pro with Longacres and Weber!

We recently hosted the Weber BBQ Roadshow – a very enjoyable evening with lots of expertly cooked food and a whole raft of tips to get more out of your gas or charcoal barbecue! You can check out the video below. Tickets to the sold-out event also gave customers a 10% discount off any Weber product that evening. Watch out for next year’s promotion!

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