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Longacres Bybrook Barn Restaurant Refurbishment


The Restaurant at Longacres Bybrook will be closing for refurbishment from lunchtime on Sunday 26th February and will reopen on Saturday 11th March. The New Restaurant will be renamed as The Gardeners Restaurant.

The interior will be light and airy with tones of grey and green to give a fresh new look. The restaurant boasts an outdoor seating area overlooking the gorgeous lake.

The menu will have a wide selection of freshly prepared hot food serving some wonderful dishes such as Beer Battered Fish & Chips, daily hot dishes , omelettes freshly prepared by our chefs and a range of freshly made sandwiches & panini. One of the key features of the restaurant will be the new bakery display, filled with delicious treats such as freshly made scones, handmade cakes and pastries.

The Restaurant can seat up to 120 customers and is particularly perfect for families with its fabulous new kids play area and children’s menu, with a pick n mix and hot food offer.

Come along and stop off for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon treat with your friends or family, we are sure it will be your new favourite eating destination.

Please note that the rest of the centre is open as usual whilst this work is happening.


If you are in store between now and the 26th of February then be sure to pick up a voucher for a free hot drink when the restaurant re opens (T&C’s apply)

Enjoy 25% Off Furniture & BBQs!

For just 2 weeks only, you can save massive 25% off Furniture sets, Gas barbecues & Charcoal barbecues to help you make the most of Summer 2016!


Now you can transform your garden for even less with our amazing range of outdoor furniture and barbecues! We have some astonishing prices including the Emelina 6 Seat Set now at £561.75 (RRP £1079, Was £749), the Wentworth Bar Set now at £674.25 (RRP £1399, Was £899), the Amola Sofa Set now at £675.25 (RRP £1129, Was £899) and more barbecues than you could shake a stick at!

You can view our range online and our full range in store at our Bagshot branch. Be sure to call us on 01276 476 778 before placing any orders as stock is selling fast!

We also have a huge range of barbecue fuelsaccessories and fresh meat from Bevan’s Butchers to help you make the most of your brand new barbecues, as well as a range of furniture covers to ensure your furniture stays in tip top condition (these items are not included in the sale – sorry!)

Don’t forget you can keep up to date with all our latest news and offers by clicking ‘Like‘ on the Longacres Facebook page and ‘Follow‘ on the Longacres Twitter page.

Food Hall

030715 006_forblogThe food hall at Longacres is an attraction in its own right, with daily deliveries of fresh bread, cakes, fruit and vegetables, a selection of American and South African foods, health foods, Cook range of frozen meals, Walkers biscuits, Losely Farm dairy products and a wide range of all your favourite confectionery!

070815 003_forblogWe sell quality products at brilliant prices and always have a variety of great offers in store. Our staff are knowledgeable, passionate about food and are always available to help you find exactly what your looking for in the Longacres food hall. Come and see us today!

28.05.15 021_forblogIn addition we now also have fresh meat from Bevans Butchers and our very own on site bakery, providing bread, rolls, sandwiches, croissants, cakes, doughnuts, bacon butties, hot soups and so much more. I’m getting hungry just writing this!

Cracking early bird offers this Easter!

For all you early birds out there, we have an egg-cellent (pun intended) offer running on Good Friday (25th March) and Easter Monday (28th March); you can save a massive 10% off* in store at our Bagshot and Shepperton branches! 

To redeem the offer just come into the store (Bagshot or Shepperton only) between 7.30am and 9.00am where you will be given your voucher at the front doors. Then all you need to do is simply hand the voucher over to the till assistant when you go to pay to receive your discount. Don’t feel that you have to rush – your voucher will be valid for the duration of the day.

Don’t worry though, if Good Friday seems like the perfect day for a lie in and Easter Monday you’re recovering from too much chocolate, we also have the same amazing offer on the Early May Bank Holiday (2nd May) and Spring Bank Holiday (30th May)

*Please be aware that the vouchers are only valid for the duration of the day of issue, and cannot be used towards the purchase of gift vouchers, alcohol or sheds – sorry!


Houseplants from Longacres

It may be a little dull outside at the moment with predictions of snow, but here at Longacres weRefresh and Renew have been busy with our Refresh and Renew displays, incorporating a range of wonderful houseplants.

Houseplants are an ideal way to bring a little sunshine to those rainy, winter days.  Whether you are looking for some greenery for your conservatory, or flowers for your dining room, we have a huge variety of indoor plants available to buy online and in-store.

You don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh to grow some amazing plants in your own home.  How about your very own citrus plant? We have oranges, lemons and limes which enjoy a warm environment and would be well suited to a conservatory.  You can even move them outside in the summer months where they would make a lovely feature in any garden. Just don’t forget to bring them back in and keep them cosy during the winter though as they really don’t like frost!  We also have a range of specialist feed for your citrus to ensure it stays at its best.

Citrus Plants at Longacres

Greenery House PlantsIf you prefer greenery around your home, we have plants to suit all tastes.  From the delicate green and white leaves of Ficus Benjamina ‘Twilight’ (not a vampire or werewolf in sight you’ll be pleased to know), the unusually shaped leaves of Schefflera Arbor ‘Compacta’ (umbrella tree to you and I), and the stunning reds of Anthurium and Guzmania, you can brighten up your home with some dazzling varieties of green plants.

If you prefer flowering houseplants, one of the most popular (and a personal favourite here) are Orchids.  As well as the usual variety that we are used to seeing in homes and offices, we have introduced a selection of even more exotic flowers such as the Wild Phalaenopsis.Flowering House Plants

House Plant Care ProductsTo keep your houseplants in tip-top shape, we also stock a wide variety of houseplant care including drip feeders, leaf wipes and revitalising sprays.

Naturally you might like a nice pot to display your new plants in so we have a range of sizes and colours to choose from, along with a special offer on selected RHS pots at present which are reduced from £7.99 to just £3.99 each.  Hurry though, they’re going fast!

Plant Pots at Longacres

Don’t forget that houseplants also make a great gift for someone special or add a little dash of colour to your desk at work.

For details of all of the houseplants available to order online, take a visit to the Longacres website.  Don’t forget that we also provide our own delivery service for larger plants within a 5 mile radius, and couriers for smaller varieties nationwide.

Planning Your Small Scale Garden – Part 1

Part 1 – Thinking about your garden

Planning a small-scale garden is far harder than planning a large garden. For example, if you buy the wrong things there’s no place to hide them – that ugly seat confronts you until you cut your losses and get rid of it. It is all too easy to get disheartened and give up, but even with a small garden, you can develop a life-long, life-enhancing interest. It really can mean that you are able to ‘lose yourself’ in your garden, forgetting the stress and pain life often delivers. Gardens can be very therapeutic.

The oft-quoted phrase “the outside room” is a good planning tool. You can apply more or less the same rules for planning your outside room as you do the inside ones. The garden has furniture – steady-state stuff like seating, storage, and a clothes line. It has a floor covering of grass and/or paving and is enclosed by verticals, generally fences or walls upon which you can ‘hang things’. In addition it has the decorative stuff. In this case, not pictures or ornaments, but living matter. Plants that grow, change, become more or less beautiful, even develop bad habits. Plants can be more like pets or children than mere style accessories.

What do you need in your garden?

  • Seating, perhaps in both sun or shade
  • Entertainment space for friends
  • Surfaces that can be used in all seasons if needed
  • Storage, for bikes, tools and mowers, that aren’t unsightly when seen from the house or seating area
  • A place to dry clothes – retractable clothes lines needn’t always sit centre-stage
  • Space for children to play where they will not damage fragile plants
  • Compost bins – need to be placed where there’s earth underneath so they don’t ooze from their bottoms (they also need emptying periodically)
  • Containers for planting – several containers that match, or which harmonise in colour or shape, tend to look better in a small space
  • Some privacy – you may have to accept you are overlooked by others but try to find one place where you can sit, shielded from above or with screens if you value privacy

You and your significant other(s) may often have totally opposing ideas about what they want from a garden. He who does the work should call the shots, and this can serve to develop negotiating skills!

Small Garden Images

Important things to realise

  • What’s your tidiness threshold? If you like formality and order, better to choose plants that are neat in their growth habit, rather than those with loose or unformed shapes.
  • Time available – for caring and watering. Plants in containers may need watering every day in hot periods.
  • You will need to learn to prune trees and shrubs, and it is actually quite easy and dead impressive when you get it right. (Which you will.)

Small Garden Images

Choosing plants for your garden

This can be totally intimidating and disheartening, especially at first. You are, effectively, in a foreign country where you don’t know the language. However, some plants will appeal to you so be confident in your taste. Read labels and information, check for ultimate height and spread. Plant choices will be covered more fully in part 2 of this article.

Your tastes may well change over the years. People frequently choose “bright” gardens at first. Later they may value other factors, such as colour harmonies with foliage or flowers. Perhaps a garden style that’s jungle-like and exotic appeals, or a soothing and peaceful space. You may want architectural plants such as bamboos or vertical grasses. You can include big plants, some trees and something beautiful to look at all year through. You can even grow apples – perhaps grafted onto ‘dwarfing rootstock’ bearing in mind it takes two trees to fruit.

You will get things wrong – pulling out a weed and finding a label attached is a classic. But you will also get a whole lot right, and it is your garden and your choice.

Next month will be practical plant suggestions for small gardens.

I hope this doesn’t sound ‘preachy’. Enjoy your garden planning!

This blog post was kindly contributed by Susan A. Tindall

Back To School Stationery at Longacres Shepperton!

We’re over half way through the Summer Holidays now (booo – where has the time gone?!) – time to start thinking about getting your children’s Back To School essentials!
Back to School

Longacres Shepperton can get your kids fully prepared for the start of the school year with their range of pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil cases, note pads, ring binders and plenty more in a selection of fun and stylish designs to make your child the envy of their classmates!

See below for our checklist of must haves to buy before school starts:

  • Fountain Pen and spare ink
  • Pencils
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Geometric Set
  • Pencil Case (a clear see through one if there are tests or exams this year!)
  • Colouring Pencils
  • Tipex (if it’s allowed!)
  • A4 and A5 note pads
  • Glue Stick
  • Calculator

Come and visit Longacres Shepperton on Nutty Lane, Middlesex, TW17 0RQ to view the full range!

Back to School Range at Longacres Shepperton

Back to School Range at Longacres Shepperton
Back to School Range at Longacres Shepperton

Foliage Plants in Containers

As a change from containers that brim with colourful, generally annual plants, your display could include or indeed consist of, containers with plants that are grown primarily for their foliage interest. These plants generally flower, giving a few weeks of extra beauty, however they are mostly grown for the pleasure of enjoying their long-lasting foliage effects. The following suggestions are all for plants that have large leaves. In containers filled with small-leaved annuals, the foliage masses of these suggestions will provide a pleasing contrast.

Hosta 'Silver Spray'

Hosta ‘Silver Spray’

The first choice is Hostas. These come in a range of sizes from the tiny to the huge, but the following selections are hostas that are mid-sized. Try something blue with Hosta ‘Blue Danube’ This serene plant has conical leaves that are coloured blue-green. This would look nice against a ferment of red pelargoniums (often called annual geraniums). For blue and silver elegance try Hosta ‘Silver Spray’ cool and crisp with fat leaves edged in silver, which is good with vibrant blue Lobelia. For subtle chartreuse and gold try the broad leaves of Hosta ‘Guacamole’, matched with lush Petunias. Hostas are prone to attack by slugs and snails. When grown in a container on their own a copper band placed around the container provides an excellent slug deterrent, provided the slugs can’t climb onto the hosta from another plant.

The second choice is Heuchera and x Heucherella. These are well-suited to containers where they often seem to do better than in a busy flower border. They often make slightly tiered mounds of foliage and can result in a good block of colour that combines well with annuals. These plants come in a variety of forms, some having very ruffled foliage. The forms with smoother leaves generally look better when placed near busy annuals. For something dark and delicious try Heuchera ‘Obsidian’ dark, shiny and black.

Heuchera 'Autumn Leaves'

Heuchera ‘Autumn Leaves’

Heuchera ‘Autumn Leaves’ changes colour through the seasons going from pinkish red through tan to orange. For lime green, and having slightly ruffled edges to otherwise smooth leaves, try Heuchera Key Lime Pie = ‘Tnheu042’ (Dolce Series). It pays to treat potted Heuchera forms (and indeed all container plants) with a vine weevil killer as vine weevils can completely separate a plant from its roots before one notices.

Finally, grey-foliaged plants are always appealing and the light, silver grey oblong leaves of Brachyglottis (Dunedin Group) ‘Drysdale’ is beautiful with purple and orange flowered annuals. Cut off the yellow flowers for a pure foliage effect. This needs a sunny position to give of its best.

All these plants are perennial which means they can be used in future years. Alternately, they can be planted out in the garden so that a whole new series of plant combinations can be tried in your containers next year.


This blog post was contributed by Susan A. Tindall

Plan Bee: Helping the Bees for Gardening Success | Longacres Garden Centre

The population of bees across England is declining, and the government is pushing homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers to help save them by encouraging the buzzing insects into their gardens.

Helping the Pollinators

In a pronouncement by the government through Environment Secretary Liz Truss, gardeners and other concerned individuals are encouraged to help the struggling bee population by making their gardens more bee-friendly. As part of a National Pollinator Strategy (NPS), the 10-year-plan aims to stop or reduce the decline in bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects by ensuring gardens have more nectar and pollen available all year round.

Truss explains this involves more than just planting flowers. This also means letting wild flowers and plants, such as dandelions and nettles, grow on your lawn. Not mowing the lawn is something most people have no problem following, she jokingly adds.

In the Home

For homeowners who want to be a part of this initiative, it’s about growing your garden in a certain way. This means getting the right plants, decorations, and garden ornaments. The ideal approach is to have as many flowers for as long as possible, which may mean planting so you have blossoms throughout the year.

If your garden space permits, group the plants to make it easier for the bees to collect nectar and pollen more efficiently. We have a range of plants and other ornaments perfect for this. We also carry a selection of bug biomes ideal for bees, birds, and insects.

De-Bugging the Pollinator Decline

Another way to help the pollinators, which the NPS failed to mention, is to stay away from pesticides. You may not know it, but the plants you buy from other garden centres may inadvertently be pesticide-laden, which then harms bees and insects.

Neonicotinoids are present in many store-bought plants. This chemical is highly toxic to insects. Even when these do not kill bees outright, it can impair the insect’s sense of navigation and their immune systems.

When it comes to nurturing the garden, it’s still best to choose only organic composts and fertilisers, which we have in store.

Bees and other pollinating insects are essential for your garden’s success. A little quid pro quo by helping them survive will, in turn, help your garden thrive.

Browse through our store to find the right products, tools, and plants for a more bee-friendly garden and yard.

Christmas with Bevan’s Butchers – Longacres

The team here at Bevan’s ButchersLongacres, are preparing for Christmas and are taking your orders now for the exceptional Copas Turkeys (whole birds) and turkey breast joints. They are also selling locally reared Bramble farm turkeys from west Horsley in Surrey.

For those customers who require something smaller, why not try their turkey thigh roast, stuffed with cranberry and chestnut stuffing, with their special fruit pepper seasoning, in it’s own cooking tray, making it nice and easy with no fuss.

If turkey is not for you why not try their beef Wellington, or a salmon en-croute? They have plenty of other options to choose from so pick up a brochure in store or follow the links below and download a copy today.

Also on their deli they have a wonderful selection of cooked meats and a large selection of cheese and olives for you to choose from. Speak to one of the Bevan’s staff about having a bespoke cheeseboard made as a great gift or for your special Christmas meal.

Come and pay us a visit and speak to the team at Bevan’s, see their range of products and talk to one of the friendly staff about making this Christmas a little bit more special for you and your family!


A link to the Christmas brochure can be found here and their Christmas deli range can be found here!