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The Longacres Food Hall

You may think that here at Longacres we’re all about gardening. We are (of course) but we do enjoy some lovely food as well so we have a large food hall featuring a wide range of products.


From butchers to bakers (no candlestick makers – although we stock a great range of scented candles and holders!), fresh fruit and vegetables, biscuits, snacks and speciality foods from America and South Africa.


Our bakers provide fresh bread and cakes daily, along with croissants, doughnuts and hot soups. Bevans Butchers offer a wide range of meats, including some very tasty marinated dishes to tickle your taste buds. Not only that, they also offer cheeses from around the world, speciality cooked meats, pies and fish.

We also offer seasonal selections ranging from Easter eggs through to Christmas cakes and puddings, and the most delicious Panettone selection. If you’re looking for something different or a yummy treat, we look forward to seeing you in the Food Hall at Longacres Bagshot soon.

Bursting Juicy Bubbles for your drinks – available at Longacres!

Juicy Bursting Bubbles; the still relatively young phenomenon that has swept through cities and high streets is finally reaching our homes! Bursting Bubbles from PopaBall are now available to buy from Longacres in a range of fun and fruity flavours!

PopaBall Bursting Bubbles Packs

PopaBall comes in a selection of 8 fun and fruity flavours!

What are PopaBall’s Bursting Bubbles?
A 125g pot full of bursting juicy bubbles in a selection of different fruity flavours!

Where do they come from?
More than likely you’ve heard of “Bubble Tea”. The concept of putting bubbles into beverages came about in the early 1980s at a small tea stand in Taiwan, a craze that spread quickly through neighbouring Asian countries and then around the globe, reaching the UK in around 2010. Classically, “Bubble Tea” began as a sweetened tea that was shaken to form a layer of foam bubbles at the top of the drink.

It wasn’t until a few short years later when Tapioca pearls were introduced to those drinks; chewy balls made from arrowroot starch that would sit at the bottom of the beverage – they added an extra dimension to beverages by turning them into a snack and a drink.

Over the years variations of “Bubble Tea” have changed, but the delicious concept of adding juicy popping balls to drinks has remained; whether they go into tea or not!

What do I do with them?
Drain the liquid in the pot and add about a third of the pot of bubbles to your drink, suck them up through the specially designed chunky straw, bite and feel them burst with juice. They retain their shape and flavour until they are burst!

What are they made from?
The shell is made from seaweed extract and they have a super juicy liquid middle!

What do they go well in?
They are most commonly used in bubble tea but also go just as well in most cold drinks! Try them in a glass of water, cordials, cocktails, smoothies and even fizzy drinks where they will eventually float!

These bubbles make a fantastic addition to any party (for adults or children alike!) as they can not only go in water, soft drinks, mocktails and alcoholic drinks, they also make a great topping for desserts such as ice cream, jelly, yoghurt and mousse!

PopaBall Blueberry Bubbles on Ice Cream

So simple yet so delicious! Add your favourite juice bubbles to your favourite ice cream and enjoy! PopaBall recommends blueberry bubbles on vanilla ice cream.

Here at Longacres we are stocking the full range of Popaball Bursting Bubbles flavours for just £2.99 per fruity pot (each pot makes 3 servings!):

  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Green Apple
  • Kiwi
  • Lychee
  • Passionfruit
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
PopaBall Peach Bubbles in Champagne

Add Peach flavoured Bursting Bubbles to champagne as a welcome party gift and really get your guests talking!


You will find the range located in the Food Hall at Longacres Bagshot.

For a range of delicious ideas to get your taste buds excited, visit the PopaBall recipe page here.

Steaks on a barbecue

What Every British Barbecue Party Needs

Summer is right around the corner and the weather is warming up. Nothing defines the summer season better than beach escapades, cold drinks and a barbecue with friends.
Barbecue parties are one of the best ways to welcome summer bliss. After all, the delectable scent of grilled meat completes the essence of the season. You get to enjoy delicious barbecue while you chatter with your buds or play some outdoor games.

Barbecues are a great way to celebrate the season. Proper planning plays a pivotal role in successful parties. To enjoy an ace of a party, make sure you have the following essentials:

The right equipment

How can you cook the barbecue without the necessary equipment? You can spend as much as you want on grillers and charcoal, but one should restrain oneself from spending hundreds of quid for your first party. Cheaper models work just as well as the expensive ones.
Decide which equipment suits your need. Will you be holding another party or is this your first and last barbecue? Will you need a deluxe multi burner or kettle barbecues? Make sure you have the right equipment before throwing your bash.

The right accessories

A griller is not enough; you’ll need other accessories to complete your grilling party. Complete your barbecue inventory with the following:

Gas canisters
Cooking tools (tongs, grill brushes, skewers, spatulas, branding irons)
Plates and other flatware

The right food

Your shopping list should be complete with the food essentials. Barbecues are not always about spare ribs, burgers and sausages. Other options are available, especially for your health-conscious guests. Fish, chicken and vegetables make delicious barbecues; just experiment with different coatings and marinades. Also, shop for salad, corn on the cob and dips.

The right decoration

Emphasise the summer season by decorating your home for the party. Select a theme for your party; go Hawaiian or use popular culture for your themes. Search your local party shop for cheap and fun decorations. Welcome the summer heat with a party. Barbecue parties are one of the best ways to enjoy summer bliss. Longacres offers the essentials for a successful barbecue party with your mates. Browse through our selection and call us now.

Cheese on a barbecue

More Than Meat: Cheese Grilling | Longacres

Most people will agree that cheese is great, but not all cheeses are good for everything. There will be some cheeses that excel with certain foods where others fail, and it is in the best interest of any cook to find which cheese works best for what. In this case, we will look at the cheeses that taste the best with food cooking on the grill.

Dairy Heat

This is actually a difficult subject to discuss since cheese does not normally do well in high temperatures, the variety best suited to the grill should be able to taste good as it melts. Fortunately, there are cheeses that do exactly that, though it may take a bit of exploring beyond the local store to find them.

Just to be clear, any kind of cheese will work well on a grill as long as it is melting on top of something. Bread is the best mattress for normal cheese to lie on when grilling, since it transfers heat easily without burning to a blackened husk. Meat is also acceptable in this regard, but the griller/chef should pay close attention to the food and ensure nothing goes black under the yellow and white.

Hot Cheese

The cheeses discussed here are the ones grillers will have no fear of placing directly on top of the fire for a unique culinary experience. The first of these cheeses is the Haloumi, a salt-brined goat and sheep cheese variety from Cyprus whose curds are heated before processing. This cheese tastes best when lightly grilled and brushed with olive oil, and then served as an appetizer with tomatoes, ripe onions, and cucumbers.

Another goat and sheep cheese variety that does not mind taking the heat is the Grecian Kefalotyri. The same recipes of the Haloumi can apply to this cheese; the only notable difference is that the Kefalotyri becomes firmer as it ages. This may change the rate it cooks on the grill, but it should not greatly affect the taste of the final product.

We should all remember that the art of the barbecue and grill is not exclusive to cooking and serving meat. There are other ways to grill a special meal, just as long as there is enough imagination and knowledge to do so. If you are looking for quality equipment that can cook a wide variety of food, contact us today. You can also browse through the rest of our website for other products and services that we have on offer.