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Climbers: The Secret to Beating the Midsummer Green Gap | Longacres

While the perennials take the spotlight on summer gardens, they also fade away rather quickly. After the first flush of blooms, the then-colourful garden becomes drab once more. In most cases, you would have to wait for a few months before the red hues of autumn take over.

Now, there are gardeners who are fine with this midsummer green gap, but when you spend a lot of time at home (the garden, specifically), you want it to be beautiful all year round. Fortunately, there are climbers that bloom during the height of summer.

Be it on trees, shrubs, or columns, climbers add some extra colour with their blooms. Here are some plants you can use to add some splash of hues on top of your green backdrop.

Chilean glory flower (Eccremocarpus scaber)

The Chilean glory flower is a fast-growing climber that blooms during mid to late summer. If you want to have the autumn look a few months earlier, this is the climber you have to get. This plant produces yellow, orange, and red tubular flowers from its wiry stems.

Black-eyed Susan (Thunbergia alata)

Black-eyed Susans can easily reach 6-7 feet in height, especially when trained up an obelisk. This is an easy-to-grow tender climber that commonly produces yellow or orange blooms with black centres. There are variants of pastel-coloured flowers for this too. Do note that this plant needs protection from cold winds.

Cup and saucer plant (Cobaea scandens)

This is perhaps one of the most attractive summertime climbers out there. A South American native plant, this perennial is best treated as an annual. With a bronze tint and purple-blue flowers, this is truly a charming piece to add to your garden.

Skyflower (Plumbago auriculata)

Subtle tones are rare in flowers, which is what makes the skyflower attractive. Sporting sky-blue blooms, this one is a truly desirable climber for your garden. You would need to prune this every couple of years, but this is a fast-growing conservatory plant perfect for outdoor gardens in mild areas.

Snapdragon vine (Maurandya antirrhiniflora)

A touch of yellow is always a welcome sight in a garden, which is why the snapdragon vine is a great option. Add this to your shrub and you can enjoy blooms of yellow hues in just a short time, perfect for that summer look and transition to autumn in a few months.

At Longacres, we can help you make these climbers bloom in your garden. We have different supplies that would boost their growth for a better space. We have a vast array of products for your garden from plants and climbers to barbecues. Talk to us to know more about what we offer.