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Valentine’s Day Flowers from Longacres

It’s not just a hint of snow that’s in the air at the moment, but good old love as well.  Yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner now, and as we like to say here ‘The early bird catches the £5 off discount’.  Okay, maybe not such a traditional quote, but one to bear in mind!

Dozen Red Roses BouquetHere at Longacres we are giving you the opportunity to show how much you love that someone special in your life by offering a hand tied bouquet of a dozen red roses in a lovely presentation box for just £34.99!  That’s a great saving of £5 on the usual price.  You need to place your order quickly though as this offer expires at 11:59 on 7th February.  You could then spend that extra £5 on a nice box of chocolates from our food section (we won’t tell anyone if you decide to eat them all yourself) or perhaps add a shiny red heart balloon to your arrangement for £2.99?

Lindor Chocolate Arrangement

Lindor Chocolate Arrangement

If the love of your life is a bit of an orchid fan, how about a vase filled with delicious Lindor chocolates and topped with a stunning arrangement of roses and orchids for £39.99?  More of a traditionalist but want a twist? No problem! 12 beautiful red roses with gypsophila, carefully created by our talented florists, can be yours for just £44.99.

Maybe you prefer that understated romantic gesture of a single red rose, beautifully wrapped for £5.99, or a gorgeous rose gift pack containing 12 short stem roses with delicate diamonte detail, a box of Lindt chocolates and a bottle of rose wine for just £34.99.

Shamrock Hand Tied Bouquet

Shamrock Hand Tied Bouquet

If you are looking for something different this year, we have a stunning hand tied bouquet of gerberas, pink roses and chrysanths for £25.99.  As well as for the romantics amongst you, this is also a stunning bouquet to send to the other special ladies in your life – your grandma, mum or daughter, with love.

To see the full range of Valentine’s Day cut flowers, take a look at the Longacres website. Now, where has that Barry White CD gone?

Houseplants from Longacres

It may be a little dull outside at the moment with predictions of snow, but here at Longacres weRefresh and Renew have been busy with our Refresh and Renew displays, incorporating a range of wonderful houseplants.

Houseplants are an ideal way to bring a little sunshine to those rainy, winter days.  Whether you are looking for some greenery for your conservatory, or flowers for your dining room, we have a huge variety of indoor plants available to buy online and in-store.

You don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh to grow some amazing plants in your own home.  How about your very own citrus plant? We have oranges, lemons and limes which enjoy a warm environment and would be well suited to a conservatory.  You can even move them outside in the summer months where they would make a lovely feature in any garden. Just don’t forget to bring them back in and keep them cosy during the winter though as they really don’t like frost!  We also have a range of specialist feed for your citrus to ensure it stays at its best.

Citrus Plants at Longacres

Greenery House PlantsIf you prefer greenery around your home, we have plants to suit all tastes.  From the delicate green and white leaves of Ficus Benjamina ‘Twilight’ (not a vampire or werewolf in sight you’ll be pleased to know), the unusually shaped leaves of Schefflera Arbor ‘Compacta’ (umbrella tree to you and I), and the stunning reds of Anthurium and Guzmania, you can brighten up your home with some dazzling varieties of green plants.

If you prefer flowering houseplants, one of the most popular (and a personal favourite here) are Orchids.  As well as the usual variety that we are used to seeing in homes and offices, we have introduced a selection of even more exotic flowers such as the Wild Phalaenopsis.Flowering House Plants

House Plant Care ProductsTo keep your houseplants in tip-top shape, we also stock a wide variety of houseplant care including drip feeders, leaf wipes and revitalising sprays.

Naturally you might like a nice pot to display your new plants in so we have a range of sizes and colours to choose from, along with a special offer on selected RHS pots at present which are reduced from £7.99 to just £3.99 each.  Hurry though, they’re going fast!

Plant Pots at Longacres

Don’t forget that houseplants also make a great gift for someone special or add a little dash of colour to your desk at work.

For details of all of the houseplants available to order online, take a visit to the Longacres website.  Don’t forget that we also provide our own delivery service for larger plants within a 5 mile radius, and couriers for smaller varieties nationwide.


Refresh and Renew your Home for 2016!

We hope you had an absolutely wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! January always seems to be an unusual time once all the festivities are over after such a long build-up of buying presents, having the family and friends over, heavy new year celebrations etc. You may still have a few half-eaten boxes of chocolates left and some new DVD box sets to binge-watch, but we are all certainly in need of a little bit more cheering up.

Why not tackle those post-Christmas and January blues by sprucing up your home and giving it a fresher and newer look for 2016; we refer to it as “Refresh and Renew“.

Oak Furniture Range at Longacres
Here at Longacres Bagshot and Shepperton we have a stunning range of interior oak furniture. From cupboards to console tables and corner shelf units to iPad desks, you’re bound to find a piece of furniture (or 2!) that’s perfect to refresh your home with.

Visit us in store where you can also speak to a friendly member of our seasonal team, or click here to view our online range of interior furniture.

Please note that our interior furniture is currently available in store, for click & collect or for local delivery only.

Planning Your Small Scale Garden – Part 1

Part 1 – Thinking about your garden

Planning a small-scale garden is far harder than planning a large garden. For example, if you buy the wrong things there’s no place to hide them – that ugly seat confronts you until you cut your losses and get rid of it. It is all too easy to get disheartened and give up, but even with a small garden, you can develop a life-long, life-enhancing interest. It really can mean that you are able to ‘lose yourself’ in your garden, forgetting the stress and pain life often delivers. Gardens can be very therapeutic.

The oft-quoted phrase “the outside room” is a good planning tool. You can apply more or less the same rules for planning your outside room as you do the inside ones. The garden has furniture – steady-state stuff like seating, storage, and a clothes line. It has a floor covering of grass and/or paving and is enclosed by verticals, generally fences or walls upon which you can ‘hang things’. In addition it has the decorative stuff. In this case, not pictures or ornaments, but living matter. Plants that grow, change, become more or less beautiful, even develop bad habits. Plants can be more like pets or children than mere style accessories.

What do you need in your garden?

  • Seating, perhaps in both sun or shade
  • Entertainment space for friends
  • Surfaces that can be used in all seasons if needed
  • Storage, for bikes, tools and mowers, that aren’t unsightly when seen from the house or seating area
  • A place to dry clothes – retractable clothes lines needn’t always sit centre-stage
  • Space for children to play where they will not damage fragile plants
  • Compost bins – need to be placed where there’s earth underneath so they don’t ooze from their bottoms (they also need emptying periodically)
  • Containers for planting – several containers that match, or which harmonise in colour or shape, tend to look better in a small space
  • Some privacy – you may have to accept you are overlooked by others but try to find one place where you can sit, shielded from above or with screens if you value privacy

You and your significant other(s) may often have totally opposing ideas about what they want from a garden. He who does the work should call the shots, and this can serve to develop negotiating skills!

Small Garden Images

Important things to realise

  • What’s your tidiness threshold? If you like formality and order, better to choose plants that are neat in their growth habit, rather than those with loose or unformed shapes.
  • Time available – for caring and watering. Plants in containers may need watering every day in hot periods.
  • You will need to learn to prune trees and shrubs, and it is actually quite easy and dead impressive when you get it right. (Which you will.)

Small Garden Images

Choosing plants for your garden

This can be totally intimidating and disheartening, especially at first. You are, effectively, in a foreign country where you don’t know the language. However, some plants will appeal to you so be confident in your taste. Read labels and information, check for ultimate height and spread. Plant choices will be covered more fully in part 2 of this article.

Your tastes may well change over the years. People frequently choose “bright” gardens at first. Later they may value other factors, such as colour harmonies with foliage or flowers. Perhaps a garden style that’s jungle-like and exotic appeals, or a soothing and peaceful space. You may want architectural plants such as bamboos or vertical grasses. You can include big plants, some trees and something beautiful to look at all year through. You can even grow apples – perhaps grafted onto ‘dwarfing rootstock’ bearing in mind it takes two trees to fruit.

You will get things wrong – pulling out a weed and finding a label attached is a classic. But you will also get a whole lot right, and it is your garden and your choice.

Next month will be practical plant suggestions for small gardens.

I hope this doesn’t sound ‘preachy’. Enjoy your garden planning!

This blog post was kindly contributed by Susan A. Tindall