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Real Christmas Trees from Longacres Garden Centre

Christmas is just around the corner!  Where has the year gone?  Here at Longacres we have a huge array of Christmas trees ready for you to dress in your favourite colours and styles, with potted trees available from early November, and cut trees from the end of November.

Potted Christmas Trees

Whether you prefer a non-drop Nordmann Fir or a potted Blue Spruce, we have a range of trees and heights for you to choose from.  Don’t forget to order early for any trees 10ft or above as they do sell out quickly!   You can order your tree online and pop in to collect it when convenient using our Click and Collect service.

Real Christmas Trees

Fancy a bigger tree this year but worried you won’t fit it in (or on) your car?  Worry not!  We provide a delivery service (local area only) with named-day delivery, 7 days per week, for just £5.

Wreaths and GarlandsIf you don’t have the time to decorate your tree, our lovely florists provide a tree decoration service in situ.  Please enquire for pricing.

As well as trees, we have a range of holly wreaths, reindeer planters (which also make great Christmas gifts), and tree stands.

Reindeer Planters

Tree DecorationsIf you’re not keen on a real tree we have a large variety of artificial trees, including pre-lit ones, ready for collection.  Of course no tree would be complete without its decorations.  We have an amazing assortment of Christmas decorations available, from delicate glass baubles to strings of glittering lights, to complement your tree and your home, at this festive time of year.  Don’t forget the fairy or star for the top!

Before you plan your shopping trip to Longacres, remember that Santa is now in his grotto right up until Christmas Eve.   So, how about surprising the little ones with a trip to see the man himself?   For more information, click here. We hope to see you soon!

Stand Up Owls and Penguins

Winter Christmas Theme for Homes | Longacres Garden Centre

For most people, Christmas should be colourful. Decorations should come in various vibrant shades—from the Christmas baubles, to the presents and the table settings. A white Christmas is simply not an option.

On the contrary, white Christmases are just as fun as the coloured ones. Some homeowners looking for chic and classic festivities place their faith in white—because a winter wonderland is the best theme for their home.

Plan Ahead for Christmas

An all-white Christmas theme does not come out of nothing. It is essential that you plan everything first to assure perfect execution. First, envision what you want to see in your winter wonderland. Also, know the rooms and areas you will be decorating; this gives you an estimate on your budget and timeframe.

Remember to set your budget before shopping for ornaments. A budget keeps you from impulse purchases and encourages you to focus on what you need.

Decorating your home can be time-consuming; set a schedule and make sure you follow it.

Let’s Talk about the Tree

Of course, Christmas trees are the piece de resistance of every winter wonderland. All you need is to buy an artificial Christmas tree and you are ready to go. Trees are available in their conventional green colour, as well as whiter shades to mimic the snow.

With a white Christmas tree, your job is almost done. You only need to add some highlights or flocking to accentuate the beauty of the tree. For green pre lit Christmas trees, get creative and add some fake snow and ice for that winter effect. Remember, all of your decorations should be white or transparent. Try adding some see-through crystal to mimic icicles or frosted snow.

Unleash your creativity as you decorate your home in white. For a successful white Christmas, do not forget about the basics—especially the tree. Longacres Garden Centre offers quality pre-lit Christmas trees in UK. Browse through our selection now and have a happy white Christmas!

Lemax Twas The Night Before Christmas

It’s Possible! Christmas Decorating on a Budget | Longacres Garden Centre

When decorating your home for Christmas, you don’t need to spend a fortune to bring in the festive atmosphere indoors. All you need are a few clever tricks to spruce up your house and get it ready for the most-awaited holiday of the year.

Recycle Ornaments

You don’t need to replace all your decorations every year to have stunning trimmings for the occasion. You can give new life to your old ornaments by using or repurposing them. For example you can add natural seasonal items such as holly to bring them back to life.

Purchase Decors Online

If you don’t want to repurpose old ornaments, you can buy affordable Christmas decorations online.  It is easy to find festive ornaments like Lemax Christmas Village Collection to bring in the spirit of holiday season in your home. The best part is, you can find the right decor that suits your budget. You can purchase a small Lemax Christmas house or choose a larger scene for your home.

Get Inspiration from Nature

Walk around in your village or neighborhood to get inspiration. You’d be surprised at how many natural decorations you can take home with you. You can make your own Christmas tree garlands from fresh evergreens, although this may require time and art skills. You can also mix your DIY efforts with new ones to have thrifty ornaments you can be proud of.

Go to Flea Markets

Visit thrift shops and flea markets to find fabulous ornaments. You can also get plenty of inspiration for your Christmas décor here.

Browse through our website today and find out how we can help you find great deals on Christmas trees and Lemax ornaments.

Brand new to Longacres | Miniature World from Vivid Arts

Vivid Arts Miniature World Display

So many of us are renting houses or flats these days that not all of us have the luxury of a large garden, nor the time, to be able to make it lavish and beautifully planted. Similarly, many people are downsizing their gardens, or may only have some planters and pots on a garden patio. As a result of this, many people have begun a hobby of creating miniature gardens.

The craze of creating miniature ‘fairy-sized’ gardens kicked off in the USA and has finally reached our shores, and we at Longacres are thrilled to be a part of it.

Vivid Arts Miniature World DisplayBrand new to Longacres Garden Centre is the Vivid Arts Miniature World range, a wide selection of hand-painted and highly detailed fairy doors, cobbled paths, wildlife, lamp posts, garden gnomes, gypsy caravans, bridges, terracotta pots and much, much more. Along with our extensive range of plants, pots and planters we have everything you need to create your very own miniature world.

You can view and order the Vivid Arts Miniature World range on our website. Alternatively you could pop in to our Bagshot store and see the beautiful display we have in our houseplants area if you require some inspiration, where our knowledgeable team will be able to offer some great advice on which plants would really complement your miniature garden.

Prices of the ornaments range from just £2.49 to £21.99.

Here are some of our top tips for creating a miniature garden:

  • Vivid Arts Miniature World DisplayYou can create them in a window box, an overgrown area, your garden’s border – you can even revive an old broken pot too! So long as they are in an area where they won’t be harmed by too much sunlight or water (it all depends on which plants you choose – feel free to ask a member of our plants team for advice if you are unsure!)
  • Miniature gardens work both indoors or outdoors – just make sure you don’t over water an indoor one!
  • Be prepared to frequently maintain your miniature garden. They are living and breathing after all – just a few snips here and there will stop the garden looking overgrown.
  • Cobbled paths and wooden fences really add to the realism of the garden.
  • Dwarf and slow-growing plants work really well in miniature gardens!

Hellebores – the Christmas rose

Hellebores must be in the top ten of desirable garden plants, delivering flowers from December to May, and generally lasting for years if happy in your garden. The simple charm of the wild species has been supplemented by ever more complex hybrids to produce plants that are beautiful in both leaf and flower, excellent in a container as well as the garden.


Helleborus niger the Christmas rose, has always been one of the earliest forms to flower, often, as the name suggests, around Christmas. In recent years showier forms have been introduced with marbled foliage and flowers that turn pink with age, an example being Helleborus niger HGC Snow Frills = ‘Coseh 230’. The robust Helleborus argutifolius with its pale green scented flowers, is an old favourite and good for lightening shady spots. Its easy-going habit may not appeal to those who like rigidly disciplined plants.


The Helleborus x hybridus forms look particularly good planted in the garden. There are both single and double-flowered forms in shades of black, purple, maroon, red, white, cream and yellow. Many of them hang their heads so, in the manner of snowdrops, you need to lift the flower gently upwards with a finger in order to reveal the beauty within. Those with light-coloured flowers, for example Helleborus x hybridus Ashwood Garden hybrids – cream-spotted are visible at a distance and can be positioned so they can be enjoyed from a window. The dark-flowered forms, like the dark beauty Helleborus x hybridus ‘Hillier’s hybrid slate’, have an alluring mystery, so mysterious that they can completely disappear from view if incorrectly placed, so put these in the foreground. Elegant single-flowered forms, Helleborus x hybridus ‘Harvington double yellow’ for instance, can be combined with the many-petalled doubles.

Hellebores can be planted in small well-spaced groups or dotted amongst spring bulbs, pulmonaria, epimedium and primroses. Plan for their summer foliage effect when spacing plants as hellebores can become substantial. The hellebore x hybridus varieties have large whorled leaflets and, as they mature, make a mound of dark green foliage that makes a quiet interlude when not in flower. They can usefully be planted in front of taller deciduous shrubs that will be a highlight in your garden at other seasons. They thrive in part or light shade and can be planted on the ‘shady side’ of large plants, provided there is an access path that can be used to view them.  During winter, when, or before the plant flowers, the old leaves are best cut to the ground so the flowers are visible, the young foliage swiftly re-grows.


Luscious hybrids have been developed to maximise foliage, as well as floral appeal. These are both expensive and irresistible. They merit extra care, with soil that is always moist, a sheltered, partly shaded position and some space. They can work well as ‘spot plants’ in the garden, or often succeed best as specimens in large containers. Helleborus (Rodney Davey Marbled Group) ‘Anna’s Red’ with pink and green marbled foliage, Helleborus x ericsmithii ‘Pirouette’ with jagged silvered foliage, and dusky pink Helleborus x ballardiae Snow Dance = ‘Coseh 800’ among many others, are good examples of these aristocrats.


This blog post was kindly contributed by Susan A. Tindall

Lego and Toys at Longacres Garden Centre

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Lego Star Wars arrived at Longacres!  We’re celebrating the release of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens with an amazing collection of Lego to help you recreate great moments from these iconic films.
Lego Star Wars Figurine

Whether it’s the Millenium Falcon or an AT-AT, we have Lego from both sides of the Force.  You can even build your very own Lego Darth Vader (you’ll have to imagine the breathing noises that everyone in the office is now making).

Lego Star Wars range at Longacres

We also have a range of Star Wars books in the toy department, including one to help you build 100 of the best scenes from the first six films – in Lego naturally.

Of course it’s not all about Star Wars, as we have a huge Lego range in stock to suit boys and girls (and adults!) with whatever building and design they enjoy.  Whether you like Batman, dragons, cars, beach houses or Scooby-Doo, or just enjoy a box of Lego Classic bricks to let your imagination run wild, there is something for everyone.

Lego Friends Display

If you’re planning your Lego City, a play mat is an ideal accessory to build your bustling metropolis or country village on.  Our play mats range from £8.49 to £24.99 and are available to buy in store or online (no road works or train delays included – sorry!).

Lego City display at Longacres

Of course you don’t even have to be a ‘master builder’ to enjoy Lego.  Young children can start their creativity journey using the larger bricks from the Lego DUPLO range.

Lego Duplo display at Longacres

As well as the new Star Wars film, another exciting event is just around the corner – Christmas!  Here at Longacres we have a huge range of toys and games to suit children of all ages.

So for that special Christmas present or to find a little stocking treat, pop along to our toy section.  You can also check out the Lego building skills of our staff in the display cabinets around the Star Wars and Lego City sections.  In the words of Yoda “with you the Force may be”.

Toys Display at Longacres